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Date: 7/15/06 6:00 PM
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JULY 15, 2006 We are very near completed with excavating the entire project. We are standing at the front edge of the building site pad, looking toward the dam at the far end. Donna is standing between the two monster holes that were created to get though the layer of topsoil, exposing the thick layer of blue clay below. This clay was extracted with the track hoe and laid up across the entire front face of the building site pad on which we stand right now. This pad was built up with about 5000 cubic yards of soil and clay removed from the pond basin down below. The blue clay was packed along the entire face of this pad to create a liner, preventing the pond water from potentially seeping into the new pad and compromising it's structural integrity. We left the holes as a bonus for bottomscaping. At normal pool, these holes will be 20 feet deep.