9-05 Driveway Day 3 002 9-05 Driveway Day 3 004  When we arrived on day 3, Red and John were already tearing it up in the pond area.  It started out as cool, damp, and overcast; John said it was perfect for this kinda work.  We set up a  viewing area from the end of the access road and watched the show.  We got there when John was beating up on this big old Sycamore tree.  It took alot of digging at the root ball, but the  back-hoe prevailed. 9-05 Driveway Day 3 005  Down came the Sycamore tree 9-05 Driveway Day 3 011  Red was mowing down trees like a bad enemy.
9-05 Driveway Day 3 012  Once a tree hit the ground, Red backs up and gets the root ball onto the blade and steers it  right over to the burn pile.  He pushes it, steering from the back end. 9-05 Driveway Day 3 013  Red wins another battle 9-05 Driveway Day 3 015  While John is picking into the edge of the woods and pulling out tree after tree with the  back-hoe, Red goes dozer-crazy and mows 'em down closer to the center of the pond area. 9-05 Driveway Day 3 016  Red takes no prisoners.
9-05 Driveway Day 3 018  As if he gets bored with pushing 'em, Red will sometimes grab the root ball with the blade edge and carry it to the burn pile. 9-05 Driveway Day 3 019  John tries to stay close to the burn pile while he is picking away at the trees.  This allows  him to give Red a hand when he arrives with a new player for the burn pile. 9-05 Driveway Day 3 020  those are some tall Sycamores; no match for a Cat. dozer with Red at the controls 9-05 Driveway Day 3 024  At the end of the day, the area cleared in one day appears to be at least 2 acres.  Before they started, the open area of the existing pond was about 150 feet across.  These guys mowed down  some major timber in one day.  Donna is waving her arms at the other side of the clearing.  It is about 300 feet away.  The tree in the middle is marked with elevations that Donna and I shot, so it is kept until the bitter end of the project as a bench-mark.
9-05 Driveway Day 3 033  Donna proudly displays her new burn pile; tightly compacted yet still huge.  John and Red joke  that this is not much more than a big campfire.  They have created burn piles that would dwarf this one.  Since there is still alot of clearing to be done around the immediate perimeter near this pile, I expect that it will still grow. 9-05 Driveway Day 3 034  a quick look up the access road completed the day before.  The plan calls for this to become the boat launch when we are done.  For the record, the woods have to be cleared back about another 125 feet further up the road to get back to the proposed water line. Day 3 stitch 23 24 25  a panorama shot of one day's work, looking from the access road.  During the picture stitching  process, the right side tilted giving the appearance of a slope.  This is an illusion; the  entire basin area is flat. Day 3 stitch 30 31  another panorama shot, taken from an area about 1/2 way to the dam.  Even John is surprised by how big this thing is gettin'.